Warm Fun Hats

Welcome to Judy Has Hats, the place to find a hat to suit anyone! These hats are great fun, not to mention super warm and cheap. Only $6.00 each. I have a great number of hats in stock, so be sure to check out my gallery's. I also attend craft shows up and down the east coast selling these hats. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service. I also have other items so please check out all my tabs to see what I have in stock and if you do not find your color, just email me at judyhashats@aol.com and you will have it as soon as possible.

My scarves and mittens made by order only for $5.00 each plus shipping.

Hair scrunchies. Gives your pony tail or pig tails a new look. See under the misc tab. Can order any color you want. $.50 each or we can make a deal if you want to buy a large amount.

Cotton dish cloths that don't mildew like your store bought ones. $1.25 each under the kitchen tab. Matching scrubbies with soft and abrasive sides.

Blankets made by order only at $65.00 each

Jack's Itch Sticks (wooden back scratchers) are pictured under the Misc tab for $4.00 each.

Jack's One Leg Wine Bottle Stand is only $5.00. Amaze your friends with this unique wooden wine bottle stand.

Please email me your order at judyhashats@aol.com or facebook messenger under Judy Sawyer.

2017 End of year sale

02 December, 2017



First Show of the season

23 September, 2017

Potsdam, NY  October 13th and 14th  Prices are the same and booth number A2 is same as last year.  Stop by and see my items.


End of 2016

09 December, 2016

This was a good year of sales for me.  I have met a lot of new people in person at shows and online. Thank you so much for buying my items.  2017 I will building up my inventory so you will have a big choice to choose from.  I enjoy making my hats, dish cloths, scrubbies, hair scrunchies and Jack makes cool wooden back scratchiers and his wooden wine bottle holders.

Please check out my inventory through out the year because you might find something you want for next Xmas.  I sell all year long but only do shows starting in the fall.
Yarn is going up but not my prices.  They will stay the same.

Hat orders

12 November, 2016

I have one more show and taking orders now for Christmas so please get your order in NOW!


Craft Shows

27 September, 2016

October 8th  Marion, NC
October 20th and 21st Potsdam,, NY
November 5th Mooresville, NC
December 3rd Christianburg, VA


New changes

15 August, 2016

My blog pictures look different now.  If your interested in a hat just click on it and at the right will show you the description and number that belongs to hat and that is the number you should use if you want to buy the hat.  Sorry about the changes but google has changed it, NOT ME.

Once you get use to it you might like it better because the pictures are much bigger.


Making hats..................

11 February, 2016

Blankets are done.............will start to post hats that I am making.  Yeah, back to creating new style of tassels on my already well made hats.


Hats Hats Hats

08 January, 2016

Hello people.  No hats are being made at this time.  I am very busy filling an order of 6 blankets.  As soon as this order is filled I will be back to making hats.  Please check out my other items that I have made.


21 November, 2015

One more show in Troutman, NC.  Have 75 hats left so pick what you want before they are all gone.  Those who made special orders, I am so grateful to you.  I hope you love what I have done.  If you have never saw my product and from NC, please look me up at the show and see how nice my items that my husband and I have made.  All made very well and sell them CHEAP!  Never been to one show where a person has come up to me to tell me I sell my things too cheap and should raise my prices.  I will raise my prices when I can't buy anymore yarn with the money I make at my show.  So please check me out in Troutman on December 5th and let's see if I can sell out.  Lots of dish cloths to choose from also.  Scrubbies, well get there early, they are going fast.


07 August, 2015

I am filling orders so get your order in soon.  Any color, any style, any size you would like I can do. My new scrubbies are now made with the same yarn as the dish cloths so you can match them up perfect.

Exciting new season.  Email me at judyhashats@aol.com  Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for checking out my blog.